Water Infrastructure & Irrigation


We are committed to building
a water rich future for india.

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water”. These may be words of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi but they are echoed by one and all.  At Sushee Infra, we believe that water is one of the most precious resources in the world; as a fundamental human right it should be adequately supplied to everyone and preserved for the welfare of our environment and generations to come.  We are committed to building a water rich future for India.

Backed by extensive professional knowledge, innovative technology and relevant industry experience, Sushee Infra designs and executes large and complex water infrastructure and irrigation projects including canals, reservoirs, dams, canal and dam spillways and others.  We have developed a proprietary and innovative irrigation system known as I-Cube to construct spillways and reservoirs that suit the local terrain and landscape.  Our highly experienced engineering team has successfully completed several projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telegana and received special commendations for their superior output and timely delivery.

Sushee Infra employs an integrated approach offering our customers the benefits of end to end project delivery.  Our turnkey capabilities include:

Our expert team, outstanding service, high-end equipment and impeccable track record make us the preferred choice for irrigation projects.


Water infrastructure & irrigation
we are committed to building
a water rich future for india.

Sushee specialises in executing irrigation & flood flow canal projects. Deploying modern techniques and latest design practices, SIML Irrigation Projects’ team over the years have created a commendable portfolio in the design and execution of canals, dam spillways, canal spillways, reservoirs, etc. Two decades of rich experience gives SIML the edge to resolve critical issues and deliver projects on time. SIML deploys
I-Cube : An Innovation in Irrigation projects, a proprietary work system developed by its engineering department to design and construct spillways and reservoirs that suit varied terrains and geographical locations.

SIML takes immense pride in building Irrigation projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Some of these projects have received special commendations for timely completion and adherence to highest standards of quality.

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